E-Medjugorje is a new service to help spread the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Medjugorje. Here you will find a complete database of all the messages.

The main aim of E-Medjugorje is to offer a new service to the international Medjugorje community, to strengthen and spread the message of peace of our Virgin Mary, through an online prayer card service.

You can use the site to order prayer cards to send to mark any occasion - birth, death, the Anniversary of the Apparition, Easter, Christmas, weddings, christenings, confirmations and any others. We have selected some appropriate messages for each occasion, to help you choose, but you are free to choose your own message or indeed your own text.

Because we are locally based, we can offer a personalised service which will enhance the power of the message. All messages will be hand written and posted from the post office here in Medjugorje.

We hope this service will be popular and beneficial to the wider Medjugorje, and help spread peace and hope throughtout the world by enabling people to share the remarkable messages of Our Lady through hand-written messages direct from Medjugorje.

God Bless, The E-Medjugorje Team

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